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Is It Time To Deep Clean? Check For These Signs In Your Home!

by mrborgesjr - December 13, 2021

Most homeowners have to rush through their cleaning routine to end up quickly and move on to their other activities. 

In other words, nobody has time to clean every corner and surface in their homes during regular cleaning, which is why deep cleaning is so important. Sooner or later, you’ll need to deep clean your home to remove all the built-up dirt and dust!

Does your home need a deep cleaning now? Here are six signs that can confirm it!

Sign #1. Your daily cleaning routine overwhelms you

If you feel that cleaning your home takes more time and effort than before, it might be because it’s dirtier! Even with routine cleaning, a thin layer of grime might build up on your home’s surfaces that won’t come off without scrubbing!

Sign #2. Sneezes come from nowhere

Constant sneezes and runny noses might be a sign that your home needs a deep cleaning! Anyone can develop respiratory issues (especially allergy sufferers) when exposed to dust and other small particles.

All those overlooked spots in your home can gather allergens like dust, mold particles, pet dander, and dust mites. Also, if you haven’t deep cleaned your house since spring, there might still be traces of pollen—the main cause of spring allergies!

Sign #3. Unpleasant odors are frequent

After a few months without deep cleaning your home, you might start to find unpleasant odors everywhere. Those smells come from built-up grease in the kitchen, grimy floors, or dirty furniture!  Even mold and mildew might be involved if you detect a musty smell. 

You can cover foul smells with air fresheners, but it won’t solve the issue. The only way to remove them is by deep cleaning your home.

Sign #4. Uninvited guests are taking over your home

Pests like cockroaches love visiting unclean houses. You might try to keep your home clean with a daily cleaning routine, but uninvited guests will arrive if you skip the deep cleaning. One sighting of a pest inside your home is enough to know that deep cleaning is necessary!   

Sign #5. Discolored spots are evident in walls and cabinets

Most people avoid dusting and wiping large surfaces like walls and cabinets during routine cleaning. However, sooner or later, they need cleaning too! You can notice a thin film of grime is forming when the surface seems discolored. If that’s the case, you need to deep clean!

Sign #6. You haven’t deep clean your home this year

The easiest way to know if it’s time to deep clean is by recalling the last time you thoroughly cleaned your house! As a rule of thumb, your home needs a deep cleaning every three months, so do the math!

Let the professionals deep clean your home!

Maybe your home needs a deep cleaning, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself! Cleaning House Company offers high-quality cleaning services to homeowners in Washington DC and surrounding cities in Virginia and Maryland! 

Expect a team of two professional and trustworthy cleaners carrying only safe products. Book your cleaning service and add the extras you need directly from our homepage!

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